strategic plan

We are very excited to share out Strategic Plan which sets out how we intend to continue and progress the work of ThePromise throughout Russia and neighbouring countries.  The plan outlines how we will support as many children as possible to access the gift of Portage, the gift of hope, the gift of life.

April 2016 – March 2018

Our Vision is a world where children with disabilities can achieve the best possible quality of life.

Our Purpose – ThePromise works to improve the lives of disabled children in Russia and neighbouring countries. We do this by promoting a system of support for disabled children called Portage in partnership with families and carers and by encouraging a more positive attitude to disability.

Our Values –

  • The right of all children to lead a fulfilling life
  • We value the right of people to determine and develop their own future
  • We believe in working in partnership
  • We believe that all children should be valued for their unique qualities

Priorities and Focus

Development of New Services

ThePromise will facilitate training and provide support to groups interested in setting up new Portage services.  A structured service set-up model will aim to facilitate each service to be running independently  within 9 months of staff attending the 3 day Basic Portage Workshop. Our aim is that the Russian Portage Model will be spread throughout Russia and neighbouring countries with centres of excellence being established to provide support for further new services.

We will work in partnership with established and emerging Portage services to promote and ensure the dissemination of Portage.

Potage Trainer Apprentice Programme

We will provide access to a formal apprentice programme for experienced Portage workers wishing to become Portage trainers.  We aim to build a team of Portage trainers to enable the provision of Basic Portage Workshops and additional Portage training as required.

Multi agency practice (therapies/multi disciplinary care package for disabled children)

We will continue to provide support for additional therapies to children receiving Portage such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, integrating this multi disciplinary support within the individualised programme as required. We aim to highlight this area of work as a desirable element of local professional practice. We will not employ therapists but will place highly skilled volunteers and consultants from outside and within Russia to work with Portage services as requested. We will aim to facilitate good medical care for children to enable them to benefit from Portage.

Dissemination of information (training/materials/information)

We will continue to make information available about Portage to other organisations, in Russia and neighbouring countries, and investigate ways to disseminate information about Portage to parents/carers, Russian authorities, institutions and NGOs.

Accreditation and Quality Control

We aim to facilitate the foundation of Regional Portage Associations in Russia and neighbouring countries which would develop and maintain an agreed Code of Practice and monitor and accredit quality Portage services throughout the country.

Working in partnership

We will continue to work with individuals and organisations who share our vision, seeking to build effective partnerships and alliances.


Ryazan oblast: We aim to continue to work with the established Portage services within the Ryazan oblast as a centre of excellence to support our work in the dissemination of Portage.

Russia: We will support other NGO’s, organisations and institutions to set up Portage services around the country based on the Russian model of Portage.

Neighbouring Countries: We will cooperate and work with potential partners in countries neighbouring Russia who wish to replicate the model.


We understand the importance of self determination in development and our long term goal is that Portage is provided to all children that need it via Russian organisations. ThePromise is a catalyst for Portage, not a provider of Portage,  andby providing a robust model of dissemination and support for new, independent Portage services we will ensure these are locally managed, funded and therfore are sustainable.

Key Stakeholders:

  • Russian children with disabilities living at home or in institutions
  • Parents/Carers
  • Institutions
  • Russian partner organisations
  • Students and university staff
  • Portage workers
  • Potential Portage workers
  • Professionals working with disabled children (e.g. physiotherapists. Occupational therapists, psychologists)
  • Donors
  • Trustees and staff
  • Russian Authorities working with disabled children (social protection/education/health)
  • Russian Institutions working with disabled children (orphanages/baby homes)
  • Partner NGOs
  • Volunteers (Russian and expat)

Critical Success Factors

Staff:  We will ensure we have a high quality, competent and motivated staff team responding to the changing needs of the organisation. We will aim where possible to support Russian staff and volunteers, in partnership organisations to provide the service – whilst acknowledging that as a UK registered NGO, paid staff posts and governance will need to remain in the UK.

Volunteers:  We value the work of our volunteers. Where possible we will aim to work with qualified volunteers such as therapists, fundraisers and university students. We will re-establish our programme for sending suitably qualified volunteers to Russia and neighbouring countries and will seek to replicate our university volunteer programme if possible.

Training and development:  We aim to provide on-going training and professional development for all our staff, trustees, partnership organisations and volunteers.

Governance/Strategic Planning

We will:

  • Govern and manage the organisation wisely, through a well-supported and effective board, with a clear understanding of what we are trying to achieve
  • Monitor our results, outcomes and impact
  • Monitor the external environment to asses opportunities and threats
  • Have prudent policies covering items such as risk assessment and financial management
  • Satisfy statutory and legal requirements in the countries in which we operate
  • Benchmark our work against other NGOs
  • Develop and maintain policies for the organisation


We will continue to run regular events in the UK and approach trusts both in the UK and overseas. We will aim to build up our database of regular donors (Angels) and will invest in developing long term relationships with corporate donors and institutions in the UK, Russia and neighbouring organisations. We will share our knowledge of fundraising in Russia with partnership organisations.

Marketing and Communications

We will communicate effectively with our key stakeholders and will seek to raise our profile via proactive PR. We will invest in marketing tools such as our leaflets, website, newsletter and database.

Organisational and technological infrastructure

We will continue to keep costs to a minimum through home working.  We will continuously review our admin and finance processes to ensure they are efficient.


We will:

  • Generate sufficient income to cover our expenses
  • Develop a secure and diverse funding base to cover our activities
  • Ensure we maintain our reserves at a level that can cover operational costs for 6 months
  • Strengthen our financial management capability and systems across the organisation


Strategic Plan 2008 – 2013

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