Great River Race

Great River Race


On Saturday 27th September the 10 Duffers team took to the River Thames in a 10 person Bell Boat. Armed with just a paddle each they set off from Millwall ready to complete the 22mile course to Richmond.

With a last minute substitute due to illness, Lawrence replaced Louis to complete the final 10 Duffers team of Klaus, Deborah, Nick, Svend, Ian, Rob, Joel, Lawrence, Thomas and Victor.


The '10 Duffers' team ready to start the Great River Race

After a tricky start due to a slight lack of practice, choppy waters and lots of other boats to navigate around they found their rhythm and were soon heading up river, under Tower Bridge and on through the city.

Full steam ahead!


There was a great feeling on board with lots of smiles and cheers and  having spent much of the time in a head to head race with a boat from Disney beating them by a length at the end was a fun way to finish.






Smiles all round due to the finish line being in sight!


Crossing the finish line in a very respectable time of just 3hrs 5mins they celebrated with an ice cold beer and there was even talk of doing it all over again next year!


However the best bit about this great day is that the team have raised over £1400, plus gift aid,for ThePromise and Royal Marsden Hospital with sponsorship still coming in -well done guys!





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