northern rock cyclone 2010

Ed Snape, brother of Alison Snape one of our volunteer physiotherapists took part in the Northern Rock Cyclone, a cycling festival based in Newcastle spread over three days.  Day one consists of short circuit races, day two is the challenge rides (which Ed took part in) and day three is a professional race using parts of the challenge ride routes.

The challenge rides consist of a 33 mile ride, a 63 mile ride, and 104 mile ride starting in North Newcastle and heading out into the Northumbrian countryside. Having done the 63 mile ride in 2009 Ed decided to step up to the 104 mile ride in 2010. This ride stretches out almost to the Scottish border, and includes eight major climbs. The last of the climbs reaches a gradient of 1 in 3, and that’s after 90 miles.

Ed said: “Having already decided to raise money for charity when I entered the ride, I had to decide which one. When my sister, Ali said that she was going to help out in Russia for three months, with The Promise, I knew that I had found the charity to support. After an early hiccough, my dad, who was on the 63 mile ride, and I got separated and, as last year I went out too quick only to pay for it later. I found a group of people to ride with after a while and the miles soon started to be eaten up.

At just about half-way the cafe at Elsdon provided a great lunch, only to be told that the second half was far harder than the first! I couldn’t believe it, but I soon found out that it was! With a painful knee I carried on, finding each of the control points had run out of energy bars and bananas. Within the last ten miles I ran into one of the Professional squads practicing for the following days ride, there was no chance of me keeping up with them. I eventually got to the finish line after 9 hours 5 minutes, though this includes the time I spent in cafes. Maybe quicker next year!”

If you want to take part in this event and raise money for ThePromise, more information can be found at

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