Community Portage Services (age 0-12)

ThePromise believes that if more support was available in the home families would be less likely to hand their children to the State for care, and that more children would have the opportunity to receive a formal education.

In 2006, working with the Psychology and Defectology Department of Ryazan State University, ThePromise established Russia’s first Community Portage Service in Ryazan. Portage is now part of the student’s curriculum and we continue to work closely with Obeshenye and the Ryazan State University.  The student Portage workers visit each of their families once a week and work with the child and their family on developmental exercises that can be practised daily.  The mother of one child, Sergey, said :

“Portage has taught me that Cerebral Palsy is not a sentence. Sergey should be treated as special not sick. I want to continue with Portage because through this I can see that my child is developing physically and mentally”

In March 2008, ThePromise together with the University put together a presentation on the project for an exhibition in Moscow. This resulted in an award for the best practical project that could be replicated elsewhere in Russia.

After the huge and ongoing success of the Ryazan Portage Service ThePromise are working closely with Obeshenye to support further Portage Services across Russia. These currently include services in Moscow and Taganrog.

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