golden ray portage service

The Golden Ray children’s centre is a state run Education and Rehabilitation Centre for children with disabilities in the South-East district of Moscow.  With a steady increase in contacts from families with disabled children staff at the centre are always trying to ensure they provide the best and most appropriate interventions.  In 2013 they contacted Obeshenye and received information regarding Portage.

Portage Team Julia Ekaterina Olga SMALL

Julia Arakcheeva (SPW) Ekaterina Grishina & Olga Blagushina – Golden Ray Team

Five members of staff attended the Portage Workshop held in Moscow in October 2013 and in January 2014 the Golden Ray Portage Service started. There are currently 6 Portage Workers seeing 5 children, and their parents, on a weekly basis at the centre.

Read more about how the service is going in the reports below:

Golden Ray Portage Service Report February 2014 ENGLISH

Golden Ray Portage Service Report February 2014 RUSSIAN


For further information about the Golden Ray Portage Team please contact Armenui at Obeshenye –

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