yasenovo portage service

CentreYasenovo is a state run centre for children with disabilities providing medical, social and therapeutic support across a number of specialities to children in and around Moscow City Centre.


Staff from the centre first contacted ThePromise in 2010 after hearing the positive results of the Ryazan Community Portage Service. They attended a Basic Portage Workshop run by ThePromise and sort permission and support to begin providing a Portage Service in their centre.


Due to the geographical size of Moscow City and therefore long travelling times it was decided that the Portage Service could be based at the centre with families visiting the centre on a weekly basis, meaning the Portage workers could see more more families.  There are currently 2 Portage workers and a Senior Portage Worker, Katya Kransnokistya, seeing 7 children on a weekly basis for Portage.  The team are required to report regularly to Obeshenye on the progress of the children and are invited to contact the Ryazan Community Team for advice and support.

To find out more about Yasenevo and their work please click here.

For further information please contact Armenui at Obeshenye – armenui.gevurian@thepromise.org.uk



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