Moscow Portage Workshop October 2013

Workshop Participants

Thirty participants attended the Portage workshop recently held in the Yasenovo Children’s Centre in Moscow.

As part of ThePromise’s ongoing work to expand and disseminate Portage throughout Russia we supported Obeschenie, our Russian colleagues, and the team at Yasenovo to hold a 3 day course training participants in the delivery of Portage.

It was fantastic to learn that the majority of people on the course were from a professional background, many working with children with disabilities and thus showed an understanding and appreciation of the power of the Portage Model.


Mollie White, Portage Consultant, oversaw proceedings but the course was presented by an all-Russian team of experienced Portage workers who currently work in Ryazan Community Team and Yelatma.  They were able to bring first-hand examples of what it is like working with families at home, and children in institutions, equipping the participants with excellent knowledge to take away, and hopefully use when delivering Portage in the future.
The course was a huge success with all participants giving very positive feedback.  With many of them already working with children and families in various settings there were discussions and serious enquiries as to how they can set up new Portage services in their communities.  This is fantastic to hear and ThePromise and Obeschenie are excited to be working with them in starting pilot Portage projects.



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