summer 2010

summer 2010

Alison Snape, a volunteer Physiotherapist, lived and worked in Russia for 3 months this summer. She said it was “one of the most valuable experiences of my life”.

Below are some exerts of her reports as a taster of what she got up to and some of her fantastic achievements.

My programme for the first month has been mainly in the baby home. Having spent a week with Jo generally getting orientated, meeting people and spending a couple of days in Yelatma I have spent the rest of the time in Ryazan.

as many of them are away for the holidays and many left Ryazan due to the heat and then the fires in the surrounding countryside. I have managed to see four children, three of the children I have given updated physio advice to. The community visits I have done have all been received well by both Portage Workers and parents alike. One portage worker commented that it's good to have the reassurance that she is doing the correct thing as well as the new advice. Alison working with Kirill in the baby home”]

I have managed to see most of the [Baby Home] children on the list from Jo and have accounted for all from the list. I have also seen some new children who are not on the list. A few have been in need of physio, others have not. I have managed to see some of the children a few times and have had some success in encouraging children into the next motor milestone!

One three year old boy learned to stand up from the floor and take a few steps, another girl learned to pull herself up at a piece of furniture and another boy learned to roll himself over.

Alison with the medical students

It’s been brilliant to have support from the UK on the end of an email. I would also actively encourage people like me to ask for help when needed. My social life here is busier than that in the UK, there are loads of people who want to show me all sorts of interesting things to be found in Ryazan!

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